May 15, 2010

Prom Night

Was your prom a Night to Remember, a Night Spent Alone or just a Nightmare...? Are Proms still relevant; were they ever?


  1. I went to both my junior and senior proms. I had a lot of fun getting all dressed up, fixing my hair and having the doors opened by my dates. Being a student athlete, I wasn't that concerned about looking all girly. So the prom was a chance for me to get girled up and treated like a lady as opposed to another dude. My Jr. prom date a neighbor and friend. My Sr. prom date was my boyfriend at the time and let me just say that some time after the prom his mother threatened to harm because I told him not to go to Morehouse simply because I was going to Spelman. He joined the Air Force instead and is big as a condo building.

  2. What I learned from my 11th grade prom was never to take a girl from one of the largest and most popular city high schools to your small county rink-a-dink prom. She critiqued, criticized and looked down on fact, I think she is still talking about it to this Hmmm, do I think proms are relevant or ever were, in a word: NO!


So, what's your take on this? Oh c'mon, share a little!