October 30, 2011

Who's Got Your Back?

Some say a friend will help you move and a good friend will help you move a body!  Then, what is the role of a Road Dawg, a Running Partner, Ace Boon Coon (Ace Buddy) or a Homie…?  How do they differ and how have they "moved you"?

October 23, 2011

Softening Grief...

There is a funeral home in Harlem with the slogan: "Where Beauty Softens Your Grief". So, this week's question is simply, What Softens Your Grief...any type of grief?

October 15, 2011

$Maxing the Minimum$

The US Federal Minimum Wage is set at $7.25...The Wages for States range from $5.15 in Georgia and Wyoming to a high of $8.67 in Washington State.  So, the question is, what was your first minimum wage job and how much did you earn?

October 08, 2011

Women We Love!

The 2011 Nobel Peace Prize was a shout out to three courageous, determined women around the world.  Who’s on your list of powerful, influential, entertaining or compassionate women…from politicians and pop stars to writers and grandmoms, who are the Women You Love?

October 01, 2011

License to Drive...?

Should the minimum driving age be raised from 15-16 and should there be a max age limit? How old were you when you learned to drive and who taught you to drive?