January 28, 2012

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses!

What are some of the best excuses or lies you have heard of for getting out of doing something, being late, forgetting, breaking-up, or whatever? Let's hear some of those excuses (you never know when you'll need one)!!!

January 21, 2012

Like Oil & Water

It has been noted that Spandex on a person over 60 or 260 is not a good mix, and neither is trying to be married & single too! So, what are other real examples of things that just should not go together...ever?

January 14, 2012

A Way With Words...

As we celebrate one of the greatest orators, Dr. King, let's ponder other great speakers and their speeches—whether it is Dr. King's "I Have A Dream", or your college commencement speaker's charge. Considering delivery, impact, content or even brevity, what are some of the best speeches ever heard?

January 07, 2012

Differences in Harmony...

Howard Thurman wrote in his book, The Search for Common Ground, “I have always wanted to be me without making it difficult for you to be you.” Can this happen...how have you seen it play out...what are the barriers...?  What are you thoughts on this powerfully simple statement?