June 30, 2012

What's Your Sign?

"Zodiac" literally means "circle of life" and gives insights into our daily lives and the characteristics we possess.  Does your sign accurately depict you and your personality? Are you better matched to a different sign? How has it impacted you and the choices you've made? Or is it all a crock of hocus-pocus?

June 23, 2012

Pride, Prejudice & Puzzling

From the Rebellion and Protest to the Coming-Out and the Outlandish, Gay Pride has evolved into something loved, vilified and misunderstood. So, should the closet door be kicked wide open, remain ajar, nailed shut or simply replaced by an armoire? What are your thoughts on this movement now in its 42nd year?

June 16, 2012

Quotable Quoting

Whether proclaimed by MLK Jr., Charlie Brown, Mother Teresa or your Grandfather, what are some quotes that inspire you, ground you or just make you go, hmmm? 

June 09, 2012

Scary Science...

What innovations scare you the most these days? Are there any inventions that are partiuclarly sinister?  Can we, or will we, go too far?

June 02, 2012

Now, Wasn't That Something...?

After a rich, full and purposeful life, when you take that last sweet, precious breath...what should they do? How do you want to be memorialized, eulogized or otherwise remembered?