July 28, 2012

There Goes The Neighborhood

What makes a good neighbor...or not?  Are you a good one...or not?

July 21, 2012

Last Picture Show

In the 60s, there were over 4000 drive-in movie theaters in the US; now there are less than 395. What was the first and the last drive-in movie you saw? And, what interesting thing happened or not?

July 14, 2012

Hair Ye, Hair Ye!

We all have choices and think we know what we want…our hair is no exception.  So, what special instructions do you give your barber, hairdresser or stylist once you sit down in that chair? How do you have it your way?

July 07, 2012

You're Welcome!

Have manners and social graces all but disappeared: like saying "please" and "thank you", or not spitting and grooming in public, or using "Mr." or "Ms." instead of a simple "Hey You!"? Yeah, where have all the manners gone?