November 30, 2013

What Say You or Not There are countless writings on the "do's and don'ts of leadership, leading and leaders. So, let's hear from you in your own words. As a leader, what good advice have you given and what are some of the things you never want to hear yourself say to your team?

November 23, 2013

Food That Comforts for Thanksgiving or anytime of the year, what are those foods that just makes you feel good, safe, homey and simply comforted? 

November 16, 2013

How Do You See It? you see the glass as: half full or half empty or an opportunity to quench your thirst or do you go see if there is anyone who is thirsty and needs a drink? Or, do you see something else?

November 02, 2013

Fall Back, Spring Forward Daylight Savings Time ever really, really just messed you up? What's the purpose of it today? What is its history and should it be eliminated? Please, share your stories.